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Other Accessories

Other Accessories - Brace


used in building of SRC or RC construction; mainly for support of upper steel bar; convenient and accurate. Size from 20~120 MM is acceptable.

Other Accessories - Work Bar

work bar

the subordinate product cooperating with steel bar construction

Chain Link Fence

Fully automatic rhombus wire machine: rhombus wire is the most popular wire over the world because of its aesthetic appearance; long life and inexpensive price; widely used in road; farm and so on large-scale area. To deal with the mass supply and demand; high-performance machines are used for cost reduction.

manufacture specification(ft):

3"  21/2"  2"  13/4"  11/2"   11/4"   1"

line diameter:

6#   8#   10#   12#   14#   16#

Chain Link FenceChain Link Fence
Chain Link FenceChain Link Fence

Conveyor Belting Belt

plywood continuous conveyance wire

Converyor Belting BeltConveryor Belting Belt