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Mobile Security Barrier JT-IRPBC Series


spot-welded wire has been being widely used in engineering industry in many advanced countries; a good alternative to traditional steel bar construction in a state of labor shortage and high wage day by day.

1.Stable quality:

spot-welding of high intensity; can be designed to requirement and pre-made in-house under rigorous QC; to accurate intervals and uniform size. Every intersect is used preventing from break caused by tension in any direction.

2.Cost lower:

a. Reduce steel bar and material consumption by conforming to design requirement..

b. On-time material supply complying with engineering progress as well as instant installation and paving reducing thehassle and expense of material storage.

c. Pre-made-in-house to meet drawing requirement in compliance with construction regulations; no waste remained.

3.Fast construction:

just 3 ~ 4 non-technician staff can finish the installation over 2 times faster than the construction of traditional steel bar or over 3 times than that if installed on wall; for shorter time limit for a project.

The comparison between spot-welded wire and traditional steel bar

  General steel bar spot-welded wire
steel bar consumption
transportation cost
steel bar paving man-hour
 skilled labor
time limit for project shortened