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Automatic Chain Link Fencing M/C

Chain-link is one of the most popular fencing being used all over the world.Thanks to its low price and durability.
Many countries are now using chain-link fencing in areas such as highway; farm and plant.
To meet the increasing demands; the automatic machine with high output is the most effective and economic way to mass produce chain-link fencing.
JIU TAI has many years of experiences in the makings of both chain-link fencing and the automatic machine.
The machine has been designed to produce various specifications. With a reasonable price and its stability; our machine has been accepted worldwide.


hombus wire is the most popular wire over the world because of its aesthetic appearance, long life and inexpensive price,
widely used in road, farm and so on large-scale area. To deal with the mass supply and demand, high-performance machines are used for cost reduction.

High-Speed Barbed Wire Machine

Barbed wire machine maker Jiu Tai company established in end of year 1983 and our main products are High-speed barbed wire machine and chain link fence machine. We product with professional manufacturer wide range of barbed wire and also with most completed specification. We always keep the best professional design and manufacturing technology in this barbed wire machines for many years. In order to supply the best quality and top service to customers located in local and foreign market. Our barbed wire machine products has been exported to Europe, China and worldwire etc. Welcome to inquiry about barbed wire machine problem. We will send barbed wire machines information to you.

Max. productivity: 33 M/ Min

Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Working width : 2000mm

machine functions and instructions:

  1. auto 2-wires feeding.
  2. auto spiral wire linking.
  3. auto 2-side twisting.
  4. auto coil collecting.
  5. auto control for width cutting & length counting.
  6. emergency stop

line diameter:

6#   8#   10#   12#   14#   16#