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As a specialized Welding Machines and Welding Equipment Manufacturer; we; Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is located in the middle-southern part of Taiwan with many years of technical improvement and expansion. Welding machines and wire meshes products offered by JIU TAI have been exported actively worldwide every year. We specialize in mesh making and fence weaving machineries (eg. wire mesh welding machine & its auxiliary machines for full plant and production line supply such as wire drawing & ribbing machine; automatic mesh turning & stacking machines; welded mesh recoiler; wire straightening & cutting machine; mesh shearing machine/guillotine; mesh bending machine;etc.); as well as the automatic chain link fencing machine; high speed barbed wire machine; hexagonal wire netting machine; hexagonal gabion mesh weaving machine; and mobile security barrier with automatic barrier fence deployment and retrieval for riot and temporary traffic control and so on. We also produce various wire mesh (e.g. welded mesh; chain link fence mesh: galvanized and PVC coated); and plywood conveyance belt; etc. We would like to recommend the most suitable machine/equipment for you; and assist you to the best of our ability for your specific requirement. Performance; quality; innovation; service; and tech support are what you can expect and will see in our products; company; staff; and service.

Electric Butt Welding Machines ( JT-WDF Series )

ELECTRIC BUTT WELDER Wire Ribbing/Deforming Equipment JT-WDF Series is designed to work with the Wire Drawing Machine when the ribbed/deformed wire surface is desired for the finished drawn wire bundle.

If ribbing/deforming bigger wire gauges; please ask for the automatic grease pump.

Electric Butt Welding Equipment ( JT-TCS Series )

The Electric Butt Welder is specially designed to weld/connect wires & wire bundles.