Steel mesh overview

Technology/Welded Wire Fabrics
Spot-welded steel wire mesh is a rectangular steel wire mesh interwoven by a series of cold-drawn longitudinal and horizontal steel wires, using an automated electric welding method, and applying current welding at the intersection in advance. Its use in the reinforcement of concrete structures can be traced back to 1915, when European and American countries have adopted it in succession. In Europe where the systematic construction method prevails, the utilization rate of its welded steel wire mesh is as high as 40% compared with traditional hot-rolled steel bars. The above, especially in Germany, Austria and other countries, is the most widespread. In response to the construction automation advocated by the government, coupled with the emergence of the domestic construction industry’s concept, the trend of Taiwan's welded steel wire mesh to replace the traditional manual tying of steel bars has gradually become popular. As a result, the demand for welded steel wire mesh is increasing day by day. In recent years, after introducing the latest welding technology-Electrical Resistance-Welding Process (Electrical Resistance-Welding Process) from advanced countries in Europe and America, the welded steel wire mesh produced has reached the highest international standard and can be divided into Two types of welded steel wire mesh, Deformed and Plain.
Stable quality: The spot-welded steel wire has high strength and can be prefabricated in the factory according to design requirements. Strict quality control is implemented during the production process. The product is spaced accurately, the size is neat and uniform, and each intersection is used to prevent cracks from being pulled by either side.
Reduce cost: Under the requirements of structural design, it can fully reduce the use of steel bars and save material costs. Feed in materials on time in line with the progress of the project, and can be hung and laid immediately, without the trouble of stacking on the construction site and expenditure of funds. It is prefabricated in the factory according to the drawing design, which can meet the construction specifications and will not produce marginal waste and cause waste.
Fast construction: spot welding steel wire mesh, only three to four non-technical personnel are required to complete the laying, which is more than twice as fast as traditional tying steel bars, and more than three times in terms of walls, which can effectively shorten the construction period. Reduce the backlog of funds.