Wire Mesh Welding Machine (JT-WM SERIES) ()

Wire Mesh Welding Machine (JT-WM SERIES)

Produce high-quality welded mesh using low carbon steel wires with our advanced Wire Mesh Welding Machine. Ideal for construction applications such as RC and SRC, our machine delivers precise welding, durability, and efficient production.

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Our Wire Mesh Welding Machine is equipped with advanced automation capabilities, significantly boosting productivity while reducing the need for manual intervention.


For the machine to weld bigger wire gauges; the line wires need to be prestraightened and precut and insert manually to the Automatic Line Wire Carriage for automatic delivery to the welding system. The cross wires need to be straightened and cut to length and loaded in the Automatic Cross Wire Magazine/Feeder for automatic cross wire feeding to the welding system.

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